Electricity can kill. There are many accidents involving shock or burns causes by electricity. Some of these fatalities arise from contact with overhead or underground power cables. Even non-fatal shocks can cause severe and permanent injury. Shock from faulty equipment may lead to falls from ladder, scaffold or other work platforms. Those using electricity may not be the only ones at risk: poor electrical installations and faulty electrical appliances can lead to fires which may also cause death or injury to other. Most of these accidents can be avoided by careful planning and straightforward precaution

For years, Cahaya Amartha Sakti Putera placed itself as a companny engaging in the field of Contractor Maintenance and Mechanical Electrical. Safety is our concern, we help many people to minimize the electrical hazard. All electrical equipment and installations should be maintained to prevent danger. Preventive maintenance could save you in many different way. Good electrical system and grounding is the best way to ensure that your family and possessions are not harmed by stray electrical current. When an electrical system is grounded, the currents are guided down a pathway to the ground so that they cannot make contact with people and sensitive electronic equipment. If you have to wire your entire home, it is best to work with a professional electrician to make sure that proper electrical grounding techniques are used throughout your home

CASP Egineer

Cahaya Amarthasakti Putera

Now, Cahaya Amartha Sakti Putera comes with a new look and new service. Our team will ensure you to serve with the heart and safely. We believe that good people build great companies and strive to foster a spirit of innovation, cooperation, speed and teamwork so that we incorperate our employees into CASP family and treat them with concern and compassion. And the relationship between CASP and our people is reciprocal as they grow, personally and professionally, we grow.

Cahaya Sakti was founded by Jos Leemrijse in1983 at Purwokerto. in 1992 the company moves to Denpasar. In carryng out it duties, this company was leaded by Leemrijse himself. In 1997, the leadership of Cahaya Sakti was transfer to his successor, because he (Jos Leemrijse) was elected as the Head of Engineering at foreign company. In 2003, Cahaya Sakti has established its branch in Jakarta

Based on our experiences for more than 25 years and supported by our experts, Cahaya Sakti is able to carry out both small  and large project in relation to mechanical and electrical, including plumbing.

(Project that we carry out includes maintenance in hospital, hotels and foreign banks) by employing our professionals.

CASP Management 01

Cahaya Amarthasakti Putera

Our Services
I.     Checking/inspection of the house (Electrical audits) “Normally Standard”
II.    Checking/inspection of the house (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Property audits) “Full Audit”
Covering :
a.Checking of the whole electrical installation :
1.Globally checking of the whole electrical system
2.Checking of the grounding system
3.Checking of the resistance cabling installation (Megger Test)
4.Checking Wheter every power outlet is well connected to the grounding.
5.Checking of the each A/C unit physical condition inc. Temperature Measurement.
6.Checking of the Voltage and well-ballancing of the loading.
7.Checking of the Lightning protection including the Grounding System / Lightning Conductor
8.Checking of the water condition at the laboratory as well as to know the chemical character            of it.

b.Report the checking result.
c.Plan design of the electrical installation (Drawing)
d.Price offer / quotation – for, in case of reparations to be done.

Plumbing system & Property defective “Full Audits” inspection Covering :
Checking of the whole Plumbing System & Property defective:
1.Globaly checking of the whole Plumbing system
2.Water pressures, leaks every taps / valve, shower etc points.
3.Clean Water System, covering check :
-All unit pumps incl. pressures
-Water Filter
-Profile Tank,
-Tap/Faucet, Valve, etc condition

4.Hot Water System, covering check :
-Unit Water Heater
-Hot Water installation condition

5.Waste Water System, covering check :
-Washtafel sifone/U-trap
-Sink, Bath-tube
-Floor Drain, etc condition

6.Sewage Water System, covering check :
-Gutter & Storm-pipe
-Septic tank , etc condition

7.Checking of the property defective condition :
a.Cracked, leakage, fleck of walls and ceiling every room.
b.All exhaust and air circulation system
c.Every doors inc. Hinge, Lock, Door Stopper, Windows, Floors, Fence, etc physical               and installed condition
d.Gas tube position, Kitchen hood, Exhaust Fan & Dryer Exhaust condition.
e.Everything associated with building defects.

In case we are not carrying out the reparations, we are willing to do the Supervision thereof with the Minimum Standard definitions applicable, under following conditions :
1.If we are appointed to carry out the above activities/reparation of the Installation, 3 (three)            months guarantee.
2.For the whole installation be provided and for revision of the whole installation, 1 (one) years            guarantee.

III.    Emergency call (Priority)
With a minimum of 3 hours
IV.    Installation repair / Emergency call – out of service
With a minimum of 3 hours
V.    Unit Genset maintenance service / check-up and test running
Not includeing spare-parts & diesel fuel supply
VI.    AC (Air Conditioner) Split type
AC (Air Conditioner) Cassette type
AC (Air Conditioner) Split ducted type
Additional Gas Refrigerant R-22 (DuPont)

Note :
– In principal we works and Stand-by in 24 hours
– Special for “Kemang Areas” we can to coming immediately in half hour to Emergency call

Thank You
Your faithfully,
Cahaya Sakti


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